Chipper TB100-T PRO

Technical data

TAB Dati TB 100 -T PRO

The new chipper PERUZZO mod. TB100-T PRO is a drum chipper with hydraulic feeding roller, a compact machine for chipping branches up to 10cm

The bio-shredder/chipper PERUZZO mod. TB 100-T PRO is a machine with hydraulic drive roller, which can be combined with tractors with a minimum power of 30 hp via PTO connection.

It is a compact machine for chipping branches up to 10cm in diameter, performing on both dry and wet organic products. Specifically intended for professional users, it has a large rotor equipped with two reversible blades made of high-strength steel.

Thanks to the design of the hydraulic drag roller with teeth that adhere strongly to the processed material, branches, twigs and cuttings are dragged inside the cutting assembly with ease.

The centrifugal force created by the rotor expels the finely shredded material. The material is thrown out of the drain adjustable in height, throwing it at about 3/7 meters (depending on the material treated). This allows an easy loading of the processed material both on the trailer and on any special collection box.

The cutting performance (for branches up to 10 cm in diameter) takes place with the help of the dedicated no-stress system.

The compact overall dimensions (75cm wide), allow it to be used even in narrow areas or terraces.




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