New TB100-C PRO wood chipper

, New TB100-C PRO wood chipper, Peruzzo

New TB100-C PRO wood chipper

The new chipper PERUZZO mod. TB100-C PRO is a drum chipper with hydraulic feeding roller, a compact machine for chipping branches up to 11cm / 4,33” in lenght diameter, performing on both, dry and wet organic products.

Intended for professional users, it has a wide rotor with 2 long-lasting reversible steel blades.

Thanks to the hydraulic feeding rollers designed with high teeths, the material (branches, twigs and cuttings) is grabbed easily.

The centrifugal force created by the rotor expels the shredded material in a fine aspect, ejecting it out from the output chute, drain and throwing it for a bout 3/7 meters (depending on the material), allowing an easy loading into a container or trailer.

Cutting performance for branches up to 11cm in diamaeter, with high speed and with the aid of no-stress system are made possible with a dedicated 23HP Petrol B&S engine, is valid for shredding operation only.

The compact overall dimensions (75 cm wide) allow it to be used even in narrow areas and terraces and to be loaded in small vans.

The new chipper PERUZZO mod. TB100-C PRO, with its large and robust tracks, driven by and indipendent 5HP motor, tackels any rough terrain and ease of loading on ramps.